Tracking GCMS notes

  The most frustrating thing after seeing no progress on your Permanent Residency application is, waiting forever to receive your GCMS notes, beyond the 30 days statutory limit, under the Access to Information Act (the law under which GCMS notes and other documents from federal agencies are issued). Section 7 of the Access to Information […]

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All about MEDICALS – preparation, and what to expect if you are diagnosed with an ailment? – (A comprehensive post on Medical inadmissibility)

As a part of the Permanent Residency (PR) application, an  Immigration Medical Exam (IME), is must for the primary applicant and all family members (spouse or common-law partner, dependent children, and their dependent children.) listed in the application, even if they are not accompanying. For express entry applicants an upfront medical examination confirmation is mandatory for the application […]

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